gif love forever


    Elisangela by name; Wilde by nature. I have always been intensely curious about human sexuality, and any inhibitions I was born with I have shed as I aged. You will find that I am free from the tentativeness and shame that bridles so much human interaction. I have explored sex not just from an insatiable and unapologetic hedonism, but also from an academic perspective. With a history degree under my belt and a fascination with the way arbitrary ‘morality’ has been used as a cudgel to control us, I can meet your passions with my own.
    I am well-traveled, extremely well-read and perhaps the only thing that turns me on more than a skilled tongue is a skilled conversationalist. With a body taut from horse riding and tanned from ocean swims I am the wholesome girl next door, but more naughty than you ever imagined she could be – and, finally, attainable. I am petite, effervescent and my life aim has always been to have people leave my presence happier than when they first came to it. There is not much given to us in this world, and so if I can hew out a space in which I can for a moment make us both forget greater woes, whispering sweet nothings in the depths of a double bed, or finding solace in the way I clench around you as I cum, then I am more than content. Besides my penchant for books that have been burned, banned or censored I also love women. There is something about the way women come and go; cum in a succession of breathy oh’s that stir me to a frenzy, and go, leaving my wetness a damp reminder in my underwear afterward. If you are a couple looking to broaden your experiences, turn to me. If you are a man looking to be spoilt by voyeurism, or just double the attention, then I have a handful of exquisite women that I relish to chance to work with.
    Don’t think that my charm is only in my sexual ability though; I am versatile enough that I can hide my ass beneath everyday attire and attend a social event with you and almost make you forget the fact that its nubile plumpness virtually begs to be spanked. With long blonde hair and my early twenties figure, I am virginal only in the sense that my looks remain untouched by airbrushing, cosmetic surgery or any kind of enhancement. I am vivacious and eager to meet you, eager to hear what you have to say.
    The pleasure is all mine,